Newton Bar

The Newton Bar – classic, sophisticated, legendary.
For two decades it has been a hot spot for bar culture in the capital.
Known worldwide for her distinctive photo art by the great Helmut Newton.
Eye-catcher: the only privately owned, world’s largest original by the star photographer – the “Big Nudes”.
Not the only highlight in this fascinating place.
A bar counter that grows with the outside when everything meets again.
Plus a smokers lounge with a fantastic view of the Gendarmenmarkt.
With walk-in humidor for lovers of fine cigars.
A champagne selection of the best traditional houses that is “second to none …”
in all bottle sizes up to 15 liters of Nebuchadnezzar.
A spectrum of whiskeys, spirits, cocktails and drinks …
mixed and served by masters in their field.
And last but not least: a wine list with over 750 items.
In addition to rarities from the treasury, with vintages that are no longer available.
The Newton Bar is the must see on the Gendarmenmarkt.
For daydreamers and night owls, connoisseurs and connoisseurs.
With DJ and nights open end, where walking naturally gives way to staying …


Opening Times:
Thu–Sat 11.00 - 04.00 CET
Sun–Wed 11.00 - 03.00 CET
Phone: +49 30 202 954 21
Ground Floor